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One of the Organization's most valuable asset is the people.....

Having the right person for the right job is the key to organization's success.....

Genie Genius Pte Ltd was incorporated in 2003 by an Information Technology Professional with over 20 years of working experience. The founder specialized in Enterprise Resources Planning System (ERP) and Customer Development Management System (CDM), and has experience working in government, manufacturing, telecommunication, and consulting industries. The company began its service in June 2004 specializing in the recruitment and placement of ERP professionals for clients in the Asia-Pacific region.

The core business of Genie Genius Pte Ltd is in providing talented personnel for organizations in the Asia-Pacific Region and North America. We have offices in Singapore and Taiwan, to facilitate and search the right consultants for our clients in their organization.

Our placement consultants have extensive working experience in many of the industries including working overseas; therefore, the consultants have the strong industrial background which enable them to effectively pre-screen the right candidate for their talents, work attitudes, dedication, competitive spirit, and communication skills for our clients.

Our candidates comprise mostly of talented Oracle and SAP consultants who have been in the workforce for more than three years and have extensive exposure to various ERP solutions. In addition, most of our candidates are from well-established organization which are Multinational Companies (MNCs) or local MNCs.

Organization's most
valuable asset is the