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Genie Genius services organizations (clients) in the telecommunication, finance, manufacturing, consulting and other industries that are looking for professionals with various Enterprise Resource Planning System expertise in the Asia-Pacific region.

We work closely with our clients to establish their needs and requirements of the organization. We select and identify the suitable candidates for interviews. Our candidates are carefully pre-screened by our placement consultants who have worked or have been trained in serving the various business sectors.

We take pride in our work and our placement consultants are committed to providing top-notch services to our clients.

1. We work closely with the Human Resources (HR) department and/or the hiring department managers to identify the organizationˇ¦s needs and requirements.

2. We carefully pre-screen and identify candidates who will integrate, contribute, and become an asset for the organization.

3. We mediate to ensure that both clients and candidates benefit mutually in their working relationship with each other.